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Butterflies In Motion - Acrylic

                                                                                Artist  Statement                                                                                                                                                                          

I live and create my art in Aventura, Florida  in Miami Dade County.
I started my art training in Acrylic Painting / Collage over 35 Years ago.

I have since gravitated more towards Mixed Media - Collage - Acrylic Painting  and Assemblage Art.
My process primarily involves using recycled and reclaimed items and 
incorporating mixed media techniques to form a unusual and interesting piece of art.
I am very interested in  found objects and giving them a new life that people can enjoy as Art.
Many  of my art pieces are unusual and  whimsical in nature. 
All my work is original, one of a kind signed art,  ready for hanging or displayed on a table top.
I enjoy creating custom artwork commissions for  individual and corporate clients. 
I can use objects from the client's past for a more personal Art Piece. 
My art pieces can be had on  Canvas, Wood, and Glass Framed Boxes in all sizes.
Thank you for joining me. I invite you to visit my work and would appreciate hearing from you.

Allan Cohen - Mixed Media - Collage - Assemblage  Artist

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Cell Phone: 305-215-3668


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